Tinder is an application that will allow you to make contact with other individuals. This is a convenient meeting program that offers several features for use. First, you must create your own account by importing your personal information directly from Facebook.

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Tinder Dating Site for Singles

Tinder is a location based application that works is to say it will allow you to meet people seeking individuals who are all around you. Thus you can find the person that you like the most and who is close to you. You can put all the criteria you want to find people whether age, gender and many others.

Tinder APP The Most Effective Dating Site

Now it will just run out and spend some interesting discussions. Although it is not too experienced in the same way that Facebook and other application, Tinder remains an effective tool for research and meeting people. In addition, it is a free program that is easy to handle in both French and English.

Tinder, a mobile application that allows you to make many close encounters on the basis of simple pictures. This type of simple application, fast and intuitive, is becoming more and more popular and especially appeals to young people.

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Tinder: a growing success:

Tinder: a growing success: Uploaded over 2 million times, is the new application of meetings that is causing a stir among youth. With Tinder, thanks to a GPS system, smartphone identifies profiles of other users located around you.

To you to send a “Like” and engage in conversation if the other is willing. Registration is done via your Facebook account, making your photos, your friends and your interests on the social network will be used by the application.

This free application is available on the App store and Google Play, but given its growing success likely that the founders decided to monetize the millions of user data in their possession.

Photos and Your Location in the heart of Tinder

Registration for Tinder is via his Facebook account. The application then retrieves the first name of the user, their profile pictures, their age, their friends list and information about the pages he loves.

Tinder then uses your location to find the closest users and scrolls through the pictures of these profiles. Two people will not then put in relationship as if they were mutually pleased, so “like”. They can then communicate via instant messaging, and maybe more.

Other: Tinder wants discreet and does not publish status on the Facebook wall of its users.

The Tinder application is available for download on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Tinder Plus:

You are addicted to Tinder? You will want to subscribe to Tinder More! The meetings geolocation app just launched a new paid version with additional features. Yes but now, the subscription rates vary … the age of the users!
Tinder Tinder Launches More

It seems that the older we get, the harder it is to meet people. But Tinder, he cares! Applying location based dating launched an advanced version called Tinder Plus and offers new possibilities among which the “-revenez cancel” to return on a profile rejected or “passport” according to uncheck geolocation and contact with users across the globe.
Dredge pay for older

But the catch is that Tinder More is not free, and the subscription price varies according to age …! Les Echos report and it will cost $ 9.99 per month for one user under 30 years, while the price rises to 19.99 dollars a month for 30 and over. While some already are crying discrimination against old Tinder defends as other applications bunch also work with reduced rates for young students. So you’d be willing to put his hand to the wallet to date?

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